The Time Agent Wiki is here to inform and entertain fans and crew of Time Agent. However, it is based on the site Wikia, and almost all pages are available for anyone to edit. This gives free choice for edits and creations of pages, and some rules need to be set to stop this Wikia from chaos.

Basic rulesEdit

  • You get three strikes at this Wiki. Once you get three strikes, you will be blocked from editing for a month. If, once this ban is over, you continue to disobey the rules, you will be banned for six months. If, once this ban is over, you abuse the rules once again, your account and/or IP address will be indefinitely banned from editing.
  • Do NOT post any information that has no relation to Time Agent unless you have checked with either of the main editors for confirmation (Anermay or Rhain1999).
  • NO spamming. This means that, if you make edits such as: "I LOVE TIME AGENT" or "Agent Mortis is beast", it will be removed and you will be given one strike. If the spamming continues, you will be given another strike, etc.
  • If you abuse another editor, you will be immediately banned from editing for a month. If you believe that you were mistaken for abusing, you can contact one of the main editors and things may be sorted out from there.

Time Agent fan filmsEdit

While the team behind Time Agent are very grateful for the fact that there are fan films being created of their show, this wiki is made for Time Agent only. While they love the fact that fans are now inspired into making their own stories about Time Agents, we would rather that users not clog up the wiki with Time Agent fan films. However, a page is in the works which will collaborate various of those fan films (but this will be the only page dedicated solely about the fan films).

Information concerning the base nameEdit

There are many people wondering what the current 'base' name for the Time Agents in Time Agent, but there isn't one. Many people label the base as the 'Dartchester Branch'. Yes, the current location is based in Dartchester, but that does not mean that this is what the base is called.


More rules are currently being considered and this page will be updated if they become official. Thank you for visiting this wiki, and we hope that you can help out greatly in editing. If you have any queries, head over to Rhain1999 or Anermay's talk pages and leave a note. We'll be sure to get back to you!